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Disaster preparedness ministry

Flood Buckets

During 2021 and 2022 Grace Church members donated items and money to our Disaster Preparedness Ministry. This helped make twenty Flood Buckets which were chocked full of supplies that may be needed for a home or other building that has been flooded. 

The Flood Buckets were stored in the Cemetery storage room. Ms. Ilham Thurston, from Lutheran Services Disaster Preparedness and Response Team picked up the buckets. 

Thanks to Mike Yost, David Linker, Tony and Earlene Rivers and Susan Moffatt for taking the time to load the buckets. 

Ms. Thurston took the buckets to the Pitt County Expo where they were unloaded. 

The final destinations for the buckets were the needy citizens of Onslow County. The Mount Carmel HELPS Inc. (Helping Every Lacking Person Succeed) took the buckets for distribution. Flooding is a constant problem in eastern North Carolina. 

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