All Kids Welcome!

Kids of Grace

The Kids of Grace is currently one of our larger groups at Grace because of the abundance of children we are blessed to share. Any child grades preschool through 5th are welcome to join us. This group enjoys outings, Easter Egg Hunts, pizza parties, Christmas Plays and caroling.

Birth to 3 year olds

Our Class

Our teachers have fun and engaging ways to keep our young minds growing in God's glory!  

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Our Class

We enjoy spending time in our own study Bibles reading stories to help us grow in our faith. Our teachers make it a lot of fun and we learning so much!

2nd and 3rd Grade

Our Class

Our teachers teach us so much about the Bible and they keep it fun by playing trivia games to help us stay sharp on facts from the Bible. We appreciate how they help us each week as we learn more about being God's family.

4th and 5th grade

Our class

This class challenges learners to discover more about God and to be able to discuss with each other about their faith. This is a great foundation class as the students are in their final years with the Kids of Grace before they move to the Youth Group.